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Glue remover
If you have glued something together that you don�t want glued together, like paper to the table when you were doing crafts, apply a little straight vinegar to the area until the glue weakens and you can simply peel it off.

Wooden floors
Do you find it difficult and expensive to clean your Pergo or Hardwood floors? Use this inexpensive and easy to use recipe:  1/3 cup white vinegar and 1/3 cup rubbing alcohol and 1/3 cup water and just about three drops of dishwashing liquid. Mix this in a spray bottle and just spray and mop! This recipe also works wonders on ceramic floors or ceramic in your kitchen.

Chewing gum
Did you find chewing gum in your carpet, in the pile of clothes or in the rug in your car? To remove chewing gum pour straight vinegar on the area, saturating the gum. If you have a chance to heat the vinegar the process will work even faster.

Did you know that a humidifier is a great place for mold to start growing? Clean your humidified weekly with a � cup to � cup of vinegar run through the system this promotes freshness in the surrounding air as well. Just rinse with water. 

Cast iron radiators
If you have cast iron radiators you know how important it is to keep the valves functioning properly. To clean the valves out simply boil a pot that is a � and � solution of water and vinegar. Boil the valves for about twenty minutes. Then take then out of the water / vinegar solution and bake them in the oven for ten minutes until they are dried out. You�ll see dirt in the bottom of the pan when you are finished.

Litter boxes
Do you have cats as pets? Wash out their litter box with pure vinegar let air dry and refill with litter to keep the fresh smell even longer! 

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