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Hair brushes
If your hair brushes are becoming discolored, boil some water in a pan, adding two cups of vinegar, then dip the hair brush or comb into the boiling water for a few seconds to loosen the dirt and hair spray from the comb, then rinse with water. Tip don�t place the plastic comb or brush in the boiling water too long or it will melt.

Do you have a problem with static in your home? To destatic a plastic item wipe it down with a mixture of one tablespoon vinegar and one quart of water. This also helps deter the attraction of dust.

Hard water
Do you find that it is hard water that is taking a toll on your tub or shower? Wipe your tub down with a full strength solution of vinegar to cut grime and soap scum.

Freshen your favorite blankets. Both cotton and wool blankets become soft, fluffy and free of soap odor when you add two cups of distilled vinegar to the rinse cycle of the wash.

Have you noticed your electric iron or your curling iron caked with build up or residue? Make a paste of one part salt and one part vinegar and polish your irons as if you are polishing silver. Rubbing in circles and then cleaning off with a damp cloth for a clean shine. 

Wood furniture
Need to clean your wood furniture but you have run out of polish? Make your own very thrifty furniture polish using equal parts of white vinegar and vegetable oil. Wipe it on and buff it with a soft cloth.

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