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Household uses: Page 6

Shower head
Do your showers run slow? Unclog a showerhead by unscrewing it, then remove the rubber washer that is inside and then place the showerhead in a pot filled with equal parts Vinegar and water.  Bring this to a boil on your stove and your showerhead will sparkle and run as well as new!

Soap scum
Do you have a problem with soap scum in the bathtub? No matter what kind of tub you have you can clean bathtub soap film by wiping with vinegar and then with baking soda. If you have a fibreglass tub be careful rubbing with the baking soda. Rinse clean with water.

Drywall tip
If you are doing work in your home involving drywall try this. To keep drywall from drying too fast just add a tablespoon of vinegar to the mix. 

Wallpaper removal
If you are trying to remove stubborn wallpaper or border in your home use this solution. Mix a solution of vinegar and water, spray on the wallpaper to loosen it up. Gently pull the wallpaper off and wipe off the excess glue from the wall with a wet cloth. This is better than smelly chemicals.

Dust and static
To reduce dust and static electricity in your home, use vinegar, and a small amount of water to clean your fans, air conditioner, and vents through out your home.

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