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From the walls in your home to the carpet on the floor, there are vinegar uses that you may not even realize that can help you keep your home neat and clean. Read through the following tips and ideas to learn more about how to keep your home spot free and smelling fresh.

Paint brushes

You can lengthen your paint brushes life by cleaning with hot vinegar after usages. Rinse with warm soapy water and let dry for your next use.

Garbage cans
Does your garbage cans just smell too much like garbage? Wiping the inside of your garbage can with vinegar will keep your can smelling fresher longer.

Seized bolts
Do you have a bolt that just won�t loosen up? Soaking it in distilled vinegar may loosen a rusted or corroded bolt

Sparkling toilet
If you have hard water, or like a sparkling toilet use three cups of vinegar and brush the toilet interior to clean thoroughly. Inexpensive cleaning solution for your home!

Rust dissolver
You can dissolve rust from bolts and other metals using vinegar. Soak the piece in full strength vinegar for a few minutes or up to an hour for best results.

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