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Brush your carpet
Take a soft scrub brush or even a hairbrush, and brush your carpet. Using a brush that has been wet with vinegar will brighten up the color in your carpet. 

Dust on fans
Are you forever cleaning your air conditioner, desk or ceiling fan to cut dust? Try this, sponge away grease, dust, and dirt with a straight solution of vinegar for a fresh clean that won�t attach and hold new dust. 

Cola spill
If you have kids you have had cola spilled on your carpet. To get cola out of your carpet use a cloth wet with vinegar and dab the spot as soon as you notice it. Rub gently and wash with cool or cold water to remove the stain. Tip: warm or hot water will set a stain in a carpet!

Water rings
Do your wood end tables or coffee tables have rings from water glasses being set down? Using one cup of vinegar with one cup of olive oil rub with the grain on your wood furniture you can make the stain disappear. 

Soap scum
Get rid of soap scum in your sinks by wiping them with pure vinegar. This also cuts down on the amount of hard water stains that can build up over the years.

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