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Beauty and health: Page 5

Do you have trouble sleeping? Use a quick mixture of one-teaspoon honey mixed with one teaspoon of vinegar to drift off quickly with out the use of chemicals or after effects!

Dipping your toothbrush in vinegar not only will fight bacteria on your toothbrush and in your mouth, but will help to whiten your teeth. 

Do you have a nagging problem with the hiccups? Use one teaspoon of vinegar to stop your hiccups quickly.

Fruit staining
If you continually find your hands stain from fruit rub vinegar over them like you are washing with soap to remove the stains.

Kool aid stained hands
If you have ever made kool aid and found your hands quickly are covered in kool aid colors, use vinegar to wash your hands to remove coolant quickly.

If you need for a liniment try this. Beat 1 whole egg; add 1-cup vinegar and 1-cup turpentine.

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