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If you have been dealing with a problem of symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome try this ongoing remedy. Sip water with one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar during the day. Your symptoms will lessen drastically.

Upset stomach
You can cure an upset stomach by drinking two teaspoons of Apple cider vinegar mixed in one cup water.  Some people like to drink this warm.

Yeast infections
If you have troubles with reoccurring yeast infections use about a cup of vinegar in your bath water. This is also safe for children who have yeast infection problems. Use this bath twice a day. Much less expensive than over the counter medications.

You can also create your own vinegar douche using one cup of white vinegar and filling the bottle with water. Cut your hygiene costs to pennies.

Vinegar in drinking water is very effective in eliminating the low-grade fevers that are present in chronic fever sufferers. Mix four tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a gallon of drinking water. Drink up to one gallon each day to fight a fever.

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