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There are many uses for vinegar. If you are searching for new and effective methods in cleaning your body, saving money in regards to your personal hygiene or if you would simply like to use methods of cleaning your body with out the added chemicals used in other treatments continue to read through the following to find a home vinegar remedy that will work for you and your family. Many of these tips and ideas have been brought down from generation to generation and now are being written here passed down to you.

Hair conditioning
Looking to improve your hair strength, style, and cleanliness use one cup of apple cider vinegar with one quart of water. This strips the wax build up from shampoos and styling aids leaving your hair clean!

Washing hair
Washing your hair with vinegar using the above formula also helps if you are a dandruff sufferer.

Do you suffer from headaches? Using a washcloth, soak in vinegar; place it on your forehead for quick and effective relief. 

Another historical remedy for relieving a headache is to soak a brown paper bag in apple vinegar and apply to your forehead. Same results, just different delivery for relieving headaches, but still an inexpensive solution for the migraine sufferer.

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