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Have you been stung by a bee or wasp lately? Just grab a cotton ball soak in cider vinegar and hold to the sore spot. You can also tape this on the affected area if you want. Within just a few minutes the pain stops. Don�t forget to get the stinger out if this was a bee sting!

Thirst quencher
Do you often find yourself very thirsty and nothing can quench your thirst? Use apple cider vinegar mixed with cold water for fast relief.

Do you need a little pick me up? Use two cups of white grape juice, two cups of apple juice and mix with one cup of apple cider vinegar. Mix well and refrigerate. Dink a small cup of this mixture each morning to get your body going. 

Sassy children
While this may not be the most popular tip, using vinegar on the tongue of a sassy child will prevent them from saying another nasty word when they are learning to repeat what others say!

Muscle cramps
Are your suffering from muscle cramps, they are caused by low levels of potassium. Use 1 teaspoon of vinegar rubbed on the area to relieve the cramp quickly.

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