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Kitchen cleaning: Page 6

Barbeque grills
Don�t forget about your outside kitchen! Clean the grill grates with pure vinegar to cut grease and clean all the leftover foods that get �stuck on� when you cook outside.

If you use a fryer in your kitchen, you already know that you have to clean it out about once a month to keep your foods tasty, but if you were to start using vinegar to help clean the grease when you empty the fryer you will find you use less paper towels, and the vinegar cuts the grease fast.

If you can your own jelly, or you have canned food in your home, wipe the top of the jar with vinegar to stop mold from growing while in storage.

Keep your kitchen counters shiny and stain free by wiping them down daily with full strength vinegar, this also helps to remove kitchen odors!

Mold and mildew
If you have a problem with mold or mildew in your kitchen wipe your walls down about once a month. This protects you from the mold regrowing. Just use a vinegar soaked cloth, and rewet as needed. 

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