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Kitchen cleaning: Page 3

Does your tea kettle look like it is growing new parts because of lime deposits? Use vinegar to clean it and rinse with plain water to remove lime deposits.

Cutting boards
Does your wood cutting board leave something to be desired? Is it looking tired and worn out? Use vinegar to disinfect the wood board and to clean up tough stains.

Refrigerator smells
Do you have trouble with a stinky smell in your refrigerator? To clean out your refrigerator, wash with vinegar and water to keep your refrigerator to clean and fresh inside.

Slow drains
If you have a problem with a slow drain use this tip to unclog it. Pour a handful of baking soda down the drain and then add 1/2 cup of vinegar. Rinse with hot water to get your drain going again! You could use this two or three times a day for a stubborn drain. 

Garbage disposal
Does your garbage disposals leave something to be desired because of smell? Clean and deodorize the garbage disposal with vinegar! Make vinegar ice cubes and feed them down the disposal, but just a couple at a time. After grinding, run cold water through a minute and the smell will disappear.

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