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Kitchen cleaning: Page 4

Do you save jars to recycle and reuse but often find them stinky? Clean and deodorize jars easily with vinegar. Rinse mayonnaise, peanut butter, and mustard jars with vinegar when empty for a fresh jar smell.

Does your dishwashers get gunky from hard water? Clean the dishwasher with vinegar. Run a cup of vinegar through the whole cycle once a month to reduce soap build up on the inner mechanisms and on glassware. This is great preventative cleaning for the home.

Cooking utensils
Does your cooking utensils make you want to throw them away because they are so stained? Use a half and half solution of vinegar and water to clean up tough stains on plastic or on metal kitchen utensils.

Do you collect bottles or use bottles to store liquid? You can cut the unsightly film in small-necked bottles and other containers by pouring vinegar into the bottle and shaking well. If you have tougher stains, just add a few tablespoons of rice or sand to the mixture and shake forcefully. Rinse the bottle thoroughly and repeat until clean.

Hot plates
If you use a hot plate, griddle, or pancake pan, mix 1 part salt and 1 part vinegar and heat in a pan. Polish your hot plate to look good as new with a rough cloth.

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