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Kitchen cleaning: Page 5

Fine china
Does your fine china and glassware look a little cloudy? You can clean china and fine glassware with a little help from vinegar. Add a cup of vinegar to a sink of warm water. Then gently dip the glass or china into the solution and let air-dry.

You can clean the microwave using vinegar. Boil a solution of 1/4 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of water in the microwave. As the mixture heats it will loosen splattered on food and deodorize at the same time. Save time and money in cleaning!

Oven vents
Keep above your oven vents clean and fresh by wiping with a straight solution of vinegar. This helps cut the grease fast and leaves your vent and fan clean. This is an inexpensive grease cutting solution.

Brass and copper
Vinegar will take the stains out of your brass or copper pans, dishes and pots as well as the stainless steel type.

Coffee makers
Do you love coffee but hate how slow the coffee maker is? Clean your coffee maker with vinegar and let it perk so that the vinegar can make its way through the system. This cleans out all the little parts while freshening your coffee maker and extends its life at the same time.

If your coffee maker is not an automatic, take the pieces of your stained percolator and soak them in vinegar over night to remove and brighten your percolator pieces!

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