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Cooking with vinegar: Page 6

If you have a great garden and would like to preserve your peppers use this method. Put freshly picked peppers, clean and sliced in a sterilized jar and finish filling with boiling vinegar. With in just a few days you will have great tasting peppers.

Sour cream
If you are serving dinner and you ran out of sour cream you can make your own. Homemade sour cream, blend together 1-cup cottage cheese, 1/4-cup skim milk, and 1 tsp. vinegar. Wonderful quick fix that you might even want to use all the time.

Lumpy icing
Have you been making icing but always have problems with it being lumpy and too sweet. When making your own icing, prevent sugaring by mixing a drop of vinegar in the cake icing.

If you like to make your own soup, get the most out of your soup by using vinegar to extract the calcium from the bones in your soup to create a healthy soup for your family. There is no vinegar taste either!

A frugal kitchen chef uses the leftovers in the bottoms of the jars of ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise and mixes them with vinegar and a little bit of spices like garlic and onion to create the tasty salad dressing.

Calcium drinks
Create your own calcium drinks by using eggs shells. Rinse empty eggshells, and then soak in vinegar until they are dissolved. This mixture is high in calcium. 

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