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Do you have a problem with fleas on your pets?  Add a little vinegar to their drinking water to deter fleas from infesting your favorite pet. 

Farmers use apple vinegar in their drinking water for chickens to keep them from pecking at each other. 

Showing animals
If you like to show your horse or dog, spraying vinegar on their coat gives them an extra shine. This is a great alternative to the expensive show products available.

Pet skin infections
If your cat or dog has a skin infection rinse them in vinegar after their weekly bath to promote healing and cut bacteria growth. 

To keep cats away from a small child�s sandbox pour vinegar around the perimeter of the sandbox weekly. Reapply if you notice the cat trying to get back in the sand box, but this trick works wonders at keeping bugs and pests away as well!

Puppy training
If you have a puppy that you are trying to train, get a squirt gun, fill it with vinegar, and when the puppy is bad squirt him. The smell of straight vinegar helps to let the puppy  �know� that he was bad.

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