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Car chrome
There are not many cars that are made today that have a lot of chrome on them, but do you know how to keep your chrome clean? You can polish chrome with full strength vinegar for a clean shine.

Outdoor carpets
Indoor and outdoor carpet alike can be treated with vinegar if your pet has made urine stains. Blot the top of the carpet, and treat with cool vinegar and water mixture. Be careful, using hot water, as hot water sets a stain in carpet.

Bug killer
Love fresh vegetables picked from the garden but you don�t like the bugs that come with it? Wash vegetables with vinegar and salt and watch the bugs� just float away leaving you clean ready to eat vegetables!

Scale fish
Does the avid fisherman live in your home? If you have to scale a fish, rub vinegar on the fish five minutes before you are ready to begin and you will find the process much easier!

Keep cats away
Keep cats away from your flower garden by sprinkling vinegar all around your flowerbed. While keeping cats away, you will keep ants away and promote the acid level for your flowers! 

Dogs scratching
If your dog is always scratching at his ears, you can help you pet easy! Clean the inside of the dogs ears with a soft cloth dipped in � water and � vinegar to help stop ear wax, and to chase little bugs away!

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