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Bug remover
When you are driving do you often have bugs hit your windshield? Keeping your windshield clean is difficult but using about 3 cups of vinegar in your washer reservoir in the summer months gives you the added bonus of getting bugs off fast.

Septic tanks
Are you a homeowner and you use a septic tank? Instead of using costly and harsh chemicals in your septic tank, use vinegar. Flushing vinegar down the toilet will work its way into your septic tank, and will keep germs down to a minimum. This also helps keep your toilet clean from hard water stains!

Stains on concrete
If you have stains on your concrete, pour some vinegar on the concrete, and let it sit overnight. Hose off with water and be amazed at how clean your concrete is!

Are you a garden lover, and azaleas are on your list? Water your azalea plants once a month with a quart of water with about � cup of vinegar added. Vinegar is very acidic and they will grow with this extra touch. Plants that love the same mixture with vinegar are rhododendrons and gardenias!

Cut flowers
Vases love to hold flowers, but fresh cut flowers often won�t last long in a vase. Use two tablespoons of vinegar with three tablespoons of sugar in your vase for your next batch of fresh flowers to make your flowers last extra long!

Milking equipment
Farmers can use vinegar to neutralize and clean their milking equipment. The vinegar will leave the system odorless and bacteria free without using harmful chemicals.

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