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Deodorant stains
Does your deodorants leave unsightly marks on your clothes? Use a dab of vinegar, rubbing on the stain will remove the spots quickly.

Do you have a favorite wool sweater but you can�t wear it because of the musty smell? Deodorize a wool sweater by washing the sweater, then rinsing it in equal parts vinegar and water to remove odor. This will also brighten your clothes color!

In the heat of the summer, your laundry sometimes can get a sour smell � get rid of this sour smell by using vinegar with a second wash. No need to throw all those clothes away, a second wash with vinegar will clear it right up!

Gas smell
Have your put gas in your car only to have some splash on your clothes and you can�t get it out? Add a cup of vinegar to your wash and the smell will disappear.

If you use cloth diapers, you can keep five to six cups of vinegar in your diaper pail with water to keep the smell neutralized between washes.

Grass stains
Do your kids play hard and leave grass stains on their clothes? Apply vinegar to the stained spot and let sit over night before washing as usual to fight out these stains.

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