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Have you found dirt or grease on your favorite suede jacket or pants? You can take the grease off suede with a little vinegar. Simply dip a toothbrush in vinegar and gently brush over grease spot and pat dry.

Stains on shirts
Have you found fruit, jam, or mustard on your favorite shirt? Simply rub a little vinegar on the stain and wash as usual for a cleaner clean. 

When you are fixing a hem or seam have you ever noticed a hole? Try this quick trick to fix this. Place a cloth that has been moistened with vinegar under the fabric and iron, the holes will be smaller almost unnoticeable when you�re finished.

Wine stains
Do you have a wine stain in your clothes? If you have a wine stain don�t throw that shirt away, use vinegar. Using a cloth or sponge dab some vinegar on the affected spot and let it sit about an hour. Wash according to the manufactures tag.

Sweat stains
Does your laundry still have sweat or perspiration stains even after you wash? Using straight vinegar on the affected area, soak for about an hour and then wash normally for a better clean.

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