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Washing machine care
To keep your washing machine fresh and rust free periodically, pour a cup of vinegar in the machine, and let in run through a regular cycle with no clothes added. This will dissolve soap residue, breakdown rust, and keep the musty smell of water under control.

Do you have too much lint or pet hair found on your clothes? You can get rid of lint on clothes by adding 1/2 cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle of each load.

Too many bubbles
Does your laundry soap make too much suds? Use a cup of vinegar in the wash cycle to cut down on soapsuds.  

Prevent running colors
Keep colors from running. Immerse clothes in full strength vinegar before washing.

Do you want to preserve your nylons a little longer? When washing nylons add one tablespoon of vinegar to clean your nylons thoroughly.

Ketchup stains
Do your kids love ketchup and their clothes have the stains to show it? Soaking the article in a solution of vinegar and water (half and half) will loosen the stain and you can wash as you normally do.

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