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Working hands
If you or someone your know uses plaster or clay daily you realize that they need relief for a ph imbalance because of the alkali in the material that they use. Use a half and half mixture of vinegar and water, soak hand for five minutes a day to minimilize the effects of the plaster or clay on your hands.

Softer skin
Do you want softer skin on your face? There are many older men who use vinegar as an after-shave to tighten their skin, kill bacteria and to soften their skin when used over a period of time. 

Itchy skin
If you have itchy burny skin because you suffer from haemorrhoids try vinegar for fast relief. Using a cotton ball or a cloth, dab in vinegar and dab the affected area. If you find the full strength vinegar does not agree with you, try a mixture of half water and half vinegar.

You can remove a wart by applying a lotion of half cider vinegar and half glycerine. Apply daily to warts until they dissolve.

Varicose veins
If you suffer from varicose veins try a splash of vinegar on your varicose veins. The vinegar will reduce the veins and relieves the pain and swelling.

Athlete's foot
Are you suffering from athlete's foot, try soaking in vinegar. Not only will this soften your feet, but also vinegar will kill the bacteria that cause athlete�s foot.

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