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Are you prone to sunburns but never can find relief, try splashing some vinegar on your sunburn for quick relief of pain.

Tan, don't burn
If you love to get a tan but find that you usually burn, apply vinegar before going out in the sun and you will lessen the chances of getting sunburn!

Age spots
Use vinegar as a remedy for age spots by mixing equal parts of onion juice and vinegar and use it daily on age spots. This will take a few weeks to work, just like its expensive relative from the store but without the chemicals.

Home pedicure
For a free home pedicure use 1/2 cup of vinegar in a pan or bucket with six cups of warm water to soak your feet in. This will soften your skin. You can also use this method of soaking on your elbows if you find you have rough elbow skin.

Corns and calluses
If you have corns or calluses try this. Soak a piece of stale bread or a cloth, in vinegar and tape it over the affected area overnight. Use this remedy for a few nights and you will find relief. The area will just peel off after a few consecutive nights of treatment.

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