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Sensitive skin
If you have sensitive skin, use vinegar in your bath water to keep bacteria from forming infections or starting rashes. Preventative measures.

Brittle nails
Soaking your nails in vinegar for as little as five minutes a day will help cure your brittle nails.

Clean your skin
Using your own toner mix of half and half water and vinegar mixed with two crushed aspirin will cause old cells to wash away. This will tighten you skin. Cost effective home remedy for a home facial!

Swollen skin
If you have swollen skin, run vinegar on the area, this is just as effective as ice.

Dry, chapped skin
If you have trouble controlling dry, chapped and cracked skin in the dry winter months, use vinegar with water (half and half solution) on a cloth soaking the affected areas. Or you could also use vinegar in your bath to promote quick healing.

Toenail funus
Do you have unsightly toenails? If you have a toe fungus problem use one part vinegar to one part warm water and soak your feet. This repeated over the course of a week will clear up your toenails.

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