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Many people have very hard water, which can cause much damage to sinks, toilets and bathtubs over the years.  The need to use a greater amount of detergents is necessary when having hard water and soap scum seems to be much worse when you have hard water.  The tub or sink seems to be the spot in which to notice a soap scum build up.  This build up is very hard to remove and may require a lot of cleaners and many applications.  If you are wondering just how to get your sink, tub and toilet sparkling clean by removing hard water stain and getting rid of soap scum build up.

Let�s start at the toilet.  Having a clean sparkling toilet is a must in any house.  With a clean looking toilet your bathroom will also appear clean.  When the bathroom appears to look clean then the whole house will also appear freshly cleaned.  Cleaning your toilet can be easy, fast and easy on the pocket when using pure vinegar.  That�s right you don�t even need to use expensive cleaners that claim to remove hard water stains but fail to live up to their claims. 

By adding three cups of pure vinegar to the toilet bowl and scrubbing it with a toilet brush you will eliminate any hard water stains that have been left behind even if the stains have been left behind for years.  You also can add three cups of pure vinegar to the back holding tank portion of the toilet this will remove any hard water stains back there and leave the water fresh that is going from the holding tank down to the toilet bowl.  So clean the toilet portion of your bathroom with pure vinegar and you will be surprised just how effective it tends to be. 

Cleaning your bathroom sink can be just as easy and cheap as cleaning up your toilet.  Actually any sink in your house can be cleaned with ease with the help of pure vinegar.  You should first get a clean spray bottle and fill it with pure vinegar.  Do not dilute the pure vinegar with water you use full strength pure vinegar.  When you are ready to start cleaning just simply spray all over your sink.  Let this stand for just a few minutes longer if stands are heavier.  After a few minutes just wipe clean with a soft cloth.  With pure vinegar you have no hard scratchy abrasives that could harm your porcelain as some cleaners have in them.  You will not only remove hard water stains but also removes soap scum.

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