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Now cleaning the bathtub and shower surround which can be the hardest cleaning job in the bathroom.  Do you get that bathtub ring around the bottom of your bathtub?  It can be a tough job trying to get it off.  In the past Iíve used many types of cleaners that needed repeat treatment to remove this ring and not to mention the strong smell that comes from the cleaners.

If you are sick and tired of cleaning your bathtub with harsh abrasives and strong smelling chemical cleaners then try using pure vinegar which also costs much less than many leading cleaning brands.  You will need to put vinegar in a spray bottle as I mentioned in the last paragraph.  Do not dilute the pure vinegar you will need to have it full strength.  Simply spray the vinegar on the bathtub and tub surround and let stand for a few minutes longer if the soap scum or hard water stains are heavier.  Once youíve let the pure vinegar stand for several minutes wipe clean with ease.  With the use of pure vinegar you will be left will a sparkling clean tub and surround. 

Remember to skip the cleaning aisle on your next shopping trip and head toward the vinegar. Stock up on pure vinegar and use it instead of other household cleaners for a sparkling shining bathroom.

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