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Every home has smells, from the children, from cooking, from the pets and some are just there. You can get rid and neutralize odor using vinegar. Your home can smell fresh and clean everyday! Read on for some great ideas in regards to vinegar use in the home. While you may find that vinegar can cure the ‘smell’ of many odors in your home, this is a short listing to give you an idea of how to start using vinegar.

Cooking smells
Using one teaspoon of vinegar with one teaspoon of baking soda combined with one cup of water in a spray bottle will keep your home air fresh after frying or cooking in your kitchen. Just spray a little in the air to cut grease odors.

Pet odors
Do your carpets smell like a cat or dog? Use one-cup water to one-cup vinegar in a spray bottle and mist over the carpet. 

Smell absorber
Using a pan or bowl, fill with vinegar and place in the room that has a smell. No matter what the smell, after twenty-four hours the smell will be absorbed into the vinegar and your room will be fresh once again! This works great for a burnt smell of food.

If you have a smell of fire in your home pour vinegar on white bread and place around the house on plates. This bread and vinegar mixture will absorb the odor of fire and smoke. This method even works to get out smells of fresh paint!

Odor trick
To remove an unpleasant odor while releasing a fresh scent, using a bowl of vinegar placed in the coolest side of the room, put a oil warmer or scented candle in the other warmer end of the room and the fresh scent will be pulled into the room while the unpleasant odor is pulled out.

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