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When peeling onions you will end up with that smell of onions on your hands for what seems like days at a time.  If you avoid peeling onions because you canít stand the smell left behind on your hands then you need to find a way to get the smell off so you can keep peeling the onions to flavor your foods.  If smelly hands seems to be a problem for you after you peel onions then try using apple cider vinegar.  Simply by rubbing apple cider vinegar on your hands after peeling an onion your hands will be relieved of the smell.  It is amazing how the apple cider vinegar absorbs the odor of the onion from your skin.  It is effective, easy and a reasonably priced way of getting rid of the soar odor left behind by onions.

The same way an onion leaves the odor on your hands it also could leave an odor behind on your chopping board and counter tops.  If this is the case than remove the odor fast and easy without harsh cleaning solutions, by using a mixture of warm water and one cup of apple cider vinegar to wipe done your counter tops and chopping board you will be eliminating unpleasant odors that have been left behind by onions.

Using apple cider vinegar as a way of removing food coloring and other stains from your hands, arms, table, counter tops and other kitchen items is a very successful way of removing the stains with out using harsh chemicals that could irritate the skin causing more problems.  The same technique can also be used on your hands, counter tops and chopping board to help relieve the unpleasant odor.  On your hands just pour the apple cider vinegar into your hands then rub them together this will remove both the odor and stain.  Using the apple cider vinegar mixture on your counter tops, table, chopping boards and etc. try using warm water mixed together with one cup of apple cider vinegar this will leave your kitchen stained free and odorless.

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