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Your hands are so over worked and under cared for.  At times my hands look like an Easter eggs, which is beautifully, dyed in many shades of colors.  Does this sound like your hands, at times?  So many things have a way of staining our hands, which include kool-aide, food coloring or many other foods.  Some stains seems like they won�t come off even with multiple scrubbings and washings.

To get that staining off quick and easy with out any harsh soaps and chemicals try using apple cider vinegar to wash your hands.  It is simple, easy and very inexpensive with out any harsh chemicals and soaps that could irritate sensitive skin.  With the use of apple cider vinegar simply pour on to your stained hands and rub together with in seconds you will see the stained color lifting right from your skin. 

Easter is the worst on our hands since the dye from dying Easter eggs stains our hands and arms no to mention the table, chairs and floor.  But what would Easter be like without making brightly colored Easter eggs.  If your hands and arms are left color stained than try rubbing apple cider vinegar on them.  After rubbing the apple cider vinegar on your hands, you will start to see the color lifting off of your arms and hands with ease with in seconds, rinse the vinegar with warm water and repeat the steps if necessary.  More often than not you will not need to repeat the steps since the apple cider vinegar is very effective in releasing food coloring such as Kool-aide, food dye and other foods that stain.

If the same substance stained your counter top or table that stained your hands then go ahead and use the apple cider vinegar to clean the stained color off of your counter tops, table, chairs, floors and all other food stained items.

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