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When you are making scrambled eggs, add a little vinegar to them.  Milk will make them fluffy, but vinegar will give them a little zest.  If you are poaching eggs, add a little vinegar to the water.  This will help the egg keep its shape without absorbing any of the flavors.

If you want a new way to eat French fries, try dipping them in vinegar.  You will not believe how good it is.  If you are having salad, but are out of salad dressing, mix two tablespoons of vinegar with one-tablespoon dry red wine and shake well.  Alternatively, you can mix the vinegar with olive oil and it tastes just as well. 

Add one teaspoon of vinegar to every box of jello to keep your jello firmer.  When you are making your own icing for cakes, to keep it from being lumpy and sugary, add a drop of vinegar to it. 

If you want sour cream, but do not have any, make your own.  Mix one-fourth skim milk to one cup of cottage cheese and teaspoon of vinegar, and you have your own homemade sour cream.  Vinegar is a secret ingredient of many people for great coleslaw. 

If you have plastic containers that still have that old egg or tuna smell in them and you cannot get rid of it try some vinegar.  Rinse them with vinegar and then wash with soap and water.

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