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Here are some quick uses for vinegar around the kitchen:

Add a teaspoon or so of white vinegar to your cooking water while cooking cauliflower.  It will retain a whiter color.

Cheese will last longer if you store it in a vinegar-soaked cloth. 

If you only have a little ketchup left in the bottle, add a bit of vinegar and give it a good shake and you will have a bit more. 

Add a bit of white vinegar to the water when you are boiling your eggs.  This will help prevent the shells from cracking. 

Add some vinegar to the water when you are cooking your cabbage in to remove the stinky cabbage smell. 

Add one-teaspoon vinegar for every three egg whites and you will have fluffier meringues. 

When you are boiling meat, add some vinegar, this will help make the meat tender. 

To cook rice without sticking add a spoon full of vinegar in it. 

Add a tablespoon of vinegar to a cup of milk and let it stand for five minutes and you have made buttermilk. 

Add one tablespoon of vinegar to the water when you are boiling potatoes to avoid them from going black. 

You can rub vinegar on the cut end of a ham to prevent it from molding when storing it in the refrigerator.  Instead of using lemon on your fish, try using a few teaspoons if vinegar.  It tastes great and will keep your fish moist. 

Add some vinegar to fruit salad to keep the fruit preserved until it is served.  Let your wilted vegetables soak in cold water mixed with a tablespoon of vinegar and they will be crisp and fresh again. 

To make the crust on your homemade baked bread shine, just before the bread is done baking, take it out and spread some vinegar on the crust.  Return the bread to the oven to continue baking and you will be surprised at the results. 

If you add a little vinegar to your water when you are cooking pasta, it will lower the starch.  This will make your pasta less sticky and easier to handle.  If you are a bean lover, but hate the gas that it sometimes produces, soak your favorite beans in vinegar overnight and rinse well before cooking them.

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