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You can use vinegar as a cleaner in the garage or basement.  These are usually areas where you will find grease and grime.  Vinegar mixed with equal parts of water becomes a great grease cutter.  You can use it on your work areas or where you have grease buildup.  You can use it full strength for the more difficult grease stains.

Vinegar also makes a great cleaner for tools.  Like above, vinegar cuts through grease and will make your tools look brand new again.  For the tools with the really stuck on grease, let them soak in full strength vinegar for a short time and you will be surprised at the difference. 

You can also set a bowl of vinegar in the garage or basement and it will absorb the unwanted odors that you have been trying to get rid of but never could before.  Soak new propane lantern wicks in vinegar for several hours. Let dry before using. Will burn longer and brighter. 

If you live on a farm, you can clean milking equipment with vinegar.  Rinse with the vinegar to leave the system clean, odorless, and bacteria free without harmful chemical residue. 

If you have been outside to long and have a nasty sunburn, you can relive the pain by lightly rubbing white or cider vinegar on the area.  You can reapply as often as needed. 

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