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There are many different ways to use vinegar outside your house.  Like the uses for inside the house, replacing your outside cleaners and chemicals with vinegar will save you money as well as save you from smelling harsh and dangerous chemicals.

You can kill your unwanted grass on sidewalks and driveways.  Mix some vinegar and water and spray on the grass repeatedly until the grass dies off.  To kill unwanted weeds in your yard, spray vinegar full strength on growth until plants have starved.  You can also increase your soil acidity by adding vinegar to your tap water when you are watering rhododendrons, gardenias, or azaleas. 

You can keep ants away from your house by spraying around doors, appliances, and along areas where ants are known.  You can also keep cats away from areas where you do not want the cat to walk, sleep or scratch on by sprinkling vinegar on those spots.  Keep your dogs from scratching behind his ears by using a clean, soft cloth dipped in diluted vinegar to wipe them.  Vinegar also works great it your dog or cat has odor from a skunk.  Just rub the fur with full strength vinegar and then rinse.  Keep chickens from pecking each other by adding a little vinegar to their drinking water. 

You can polish the chrome on your car with full strength vinegar.  You can also use vinegar to clean the windows on your car. Bumper stickers have their place, but sometimes those stickers have more staying power than you think.  To remove an outdated sticker, coat it liberally with vinegar, let it sit until the vinegar has thoroughly penetrated the paper, and then scrape it off. 

The vinegar will loosen the glue and make the rest of the job much easier.   It also works great for cleaning the windows on your home, both inside and out.  You can wipe down clean metal surfaces with a vinegar solution, one part vinegar to five parts water to prep the surface for painting.  This reduces the incidence of peeling. 

Another sweet but deadly bait for fruit pests is one-cup water, one half-cup apple cider vinegar, one fourth cup sugar and one tablespoon molasses.  Pour about an inch of this mixture into soup cans with the lids removed or into individual yogurt containers.  Hang two or three traps on each fruit tree.  Clean and refill the traps as necessary. 

You can clean the aluminum siding on your house with some vinegar and water.  Instead of buying the expensive house washing cleaners, just replace them with vinegar.  Your house will be cleaner then it ever has.  You can remove stubborn hard water sprinkler spots and streaks on glass with undiluted vinegar.

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