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Another safe and effective way in which to use vinegar is as a vaginal douche.  Many doctors recommend that females should douche on a regular basis while other women just take it upon themselves to douche for a fresh clean feeling.  Douching with a homemade douche will save you money and plenty of time since this douche is very easy and quick to make.

To make your own home made douche you will need a bottle designed for douching (or some type of bottle that is similar to a douching bottle) and vinegar (white vinegar works best).  If you havenít noticed already many douches are made with white vinegar also so your home made douche will be similar to the type of douche that you would have purchased at the drug store.  Once you found a bottle for douching than add one cup of white vinegar to the bottle the next step for you to do would be to fill the rest of the bottle with water (warm water works best especially if you are going to use it immediately, this will leave you have a more comfortable douche).  You will be feeling clean and fresh feeling for just pennies, which is much less than you would pay for a douche that has been purchased at the local store.

You could use these two money saving tips to help you save money by making items in stead of purchasing expensive store bought products that you are already using for your personal hygiene.  Both products are easy and inexpensive to make and use.  Help cure and prevent problems with yeast infections by the simply soaking in a cup of vinegar twice a week and if you choose you could also douche with a cup of white vinegar and water so you can be left with a fresh and clean feeling.

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