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A yeast infection is a very common problem facing many women each day although a yeast infection isn�t only a problem faced by women but also men and children alike.  Yeast infections have become such a common problem that over the counter medications are now available for those individuals that have had a yeast infection and know all the signs and symptoms to a yeast infection.  If you have ever purchased an over the counter medication than you are well aware of the asking price of these costly treatments.  Various doses are available such as a one-day, a three-day or a seven-day treatment.  If you are one that has a problem with reoccurring yeast infections and are fed up with the costly medications that are available over the counter to cure this medical problem then try a much cheaper alternative method available to help prevent a onset of a yeast infection before it happens.

You can keep buying the more costly medications that are available over the counter to help cure your yeast infection or you can try an inexpensive treatment to prevent an onset of the yeast infection without the use of medication but a more natural way of preventing a yeast infection that is so safe and mild that you could use it on a child.  This all-natural way of preventing a yeast infection is not only all natural but also a very inexpensive way of preventing a yeast infection.  Stop using that messy seven-day medication when you can start using the all-natural way to cure your yeast infection by simply soaking in the bathtub. 

If you are wondering just what this all-natural cure is then simply purchase a bottle of vinegar then indulge yourself in a warm bath two times a week.  By adding just one cup of vinegar to your warm bath water twice a week will help prevent the reoccurrences of a yeast infection.  Preventing a yeast infection with just one cup of vinegar has never been easier or safer.  With any type of medications you are likely to be at risk for side affects, which can be mild to severe, but that is the chance you take when taking any kind of medication to help care an illness or infection.  When using an all-natural way of preventing a yeast infection you are at a much less risk for side effects.

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