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A child�s sandbox is one giant litter box for your cat not to mention neighboring cats in the area.  If your cat has decided to give your child�s sandbox a test try then you need to stop this immediately.  A cat�s waste can be very harmful to young children so you need to prevent any cat from going in your child�s sandbox and using it for a litter box.  Try pouring vinegar around the perimeter of the sandbox on a weekly basis this will keep your cat and other neighboring stray cats from entering into your child�s sandbox.  Using vinegar will also keep other unwanted bugs and pests from going into your child�s sandbox.

At some time or other your cat may get a skin infection if one does occur promote healing and cut the growth of bacteria by rinsing your cat with vinegar weekly after its weekly bath.  The use of vinegar on your cat�s skin infection is a great healing solution that cost just pennies. 

It is hard to believe that something as economical as vinegar can be so effective in curing a skin infection cleans and deodorizes a litter box and keeps cats from entering a sandbox and flowerbed.  Vinegar is an all-natural substance that is used for a wide variety of cures and cleaners.  Stock up on vinegar on your next trip to the grocery store!

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