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If you have a cat or multiple cats than this article may be of interest to you.  Cats are so lovable and cute not to mention how easy they are to take care of.  The need attention just as any other living creature and also needs a little care.  Caring for a cat can be relatively easy although the hardest part of taking care of a cat is training it to go in the litter box.  Speaking of the litter box this can be a smelly and somewhat stinky part of taking care of your cat.  If you are looking for a way to clean your cat�s liter box then I have a very economical solution to this problem.  Keeping your cat�s litter box clean and fresh longer will save you money since the litter will not need changing as often.

One easy, simple and cheap way of keeping your cat�s litter box clean and fresh is by the use of vinegar.  I change my cat�s litter twice a month and even at those times the litter is still rather unsullied and fresh but staying on top of the job is half the battle.  If you too are looking for a way to keep your cat�s litter smelling fresh and clean then try this simple and easy step for cleaning its litter box.  First dump or discard your cat�s old used litter from its cat litter.  After removing the litter you will need to clean out the litter box with pure vinegar.  You can first rinse with warm water then thoroughly wash out the inside of the litter box with pure vinegar.  After washing out the litter box with pure vinegar let it air dry and refill the box with litter.  After you follow these steps your cat�s litter will be cleaner and fresher for a longer period of time as opposed to cleaning the litter box with plan water. 

If your cat seems to like your flower garden a little too much, so much so that you are having a tough time keeping him or her out of it then you just may need to try this simple, easy and inexpensive trick.  Try sprinkling vinegar all around your flowerbed or garden by doing this you will keep your cat from going into your flowerbed or garden and prevent it from tramping down your plants and flowers.  By sprinkling vinegar around your flowerbed you not only prevent your cat from enter the flowerbed or garden but it will also prevent neighboring cats from going in.  When sprinkling vinegar on or around your plants you promote the acid level for your flowers.  The use of vinegar also helps prevent other pests from entering into your garden such as ants.

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