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Try not to forget to spray your vehicle at night this relieves the hassle of waking up to find the windshield loaded down with frost and ice.  Since life gets so hectic we just might forget to spray the windshield with a vinegar mixture the night before and when this happens remember to have something on hand to defrost and melt the frost and ice quickly in the morning instead of spending wasted time cleaning and scraping your windshield.  By using vinegar you can get that ice and frost off of your windshield quick, easy and for a low-priced.  All you need to do is pure vinegar into a spray bottle and simply spray unto your vehicle’s windows and just watch that ice and frost melt with ease.

There is no need to scrap and freeze your hands just start your car, spray the vinegar and turn on the windshield wipers to clean away the mush and moisture on your window.  This is the quickest way I ever found to get my windshield clean from ice and frost so I can be on my way.  If you have to park outside in the winter I’m sure you’ll find this method is easy and convenient

As you can see with the use of vinegar you can solve many of you car care needs.  To keep your windshield sparkling clean or free from frost and ice remember to use vinegar.  Vinegar is cheap and easy to use so on your next trip to the grocery store stock up on a supply of vinegar so you always have it on hand.

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