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Does it seem that you spend more time in your car driving around then you spend at home?  Although home is where you would rather be it just doesn�t seem to work out that way.  With children going to and from activities, work and just running around doing household errands we seem to spend hours a day in our vehicle.  Since we are spending so much of our time in our vehicle we would at least expect to have a clean windshield.

Have you ever been driving down the road only to come upon a great big juicy bug that gets squashed on the windshield?  Even with repeat washings with regular windshield cleaning solution the bug still remains on the windshield annoying you.  Try something a little different to remove the bug from your windshield.  In the summer months you may add three cups of vinegar to your car�s reservoir, which will remove bugs and other hard to remove objects that end up on your windshield.  You will be left with a clean sparkling windshield every time you spray.

When cleaning your vehicle try using vinegar.  First you can place a mixture of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and use on your vehicle�s windows inside and out.  This mixture could be used instead of using window cleaner.  To clean your vehicle�s interior such as the dashboard and steering wheel then try using warm water mixed with three tablespoons of vinegar.  Simply use this vinegar mixture by cleaning the surfaces with a soft cloth.

Keeping your windshield ice-free can be somewhat difficult especially if you have to park outside over night in the winter months.  I wish we could just skip the winter months and that would be one way that we could keep our vehicle�s windshield frost and ice-free.  Since we can�t get rid of winter let�s eliminate the icy windshields.  By using a mixture of three parts vinegar and one part water you will have what it takes for a frost and ice-free windshield.  Place the mixture of three parts vinegar and one part water in a spray bottle.  After parking your car for the night spray your windshield with the vinegar mixture.  With this mixture you will wake to a frost free and ice-free windshield.

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