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Controlling an ant problem.  In the summer we are plaque with unwanted insects such as ants.  Once you have notice one ant look around and you will notice a dozen and a half close by.  Spraying the ants with such things as ant spray can be toxic to children and pets so you may be limited on areas in which to spray.  Try using a non-toxic all-natural spray that is very effective at keeping away the ants and other unwanted insects.  Pour a bottle of vinegar into a clean spray bottle and spray around the area in which is infested with ants.  This spray, which is cheap and easy to use, is effective in keeping away the ants so try it out today.

If you hate the bugs that comes along with fresh garden vegetables then try using a solution that will chase them away from your produce.  This solution is as simple as grabbing a bottle of vinegar and box of salt.  Try washing the fresh vegetable in a mixture of vinegar and salt.  The insects will quickly begin to float away from this mixture leaving you free from insects and pests. 

The uses of vinegar are endless and since a bottle of vinegar is cheap you can clean, kill weeds and control ants and garden insects all while being easy on the pocketbook.  Most cleaners and pesticides are very toxic and at the same time leaving off a poisonous fume.  Avoid these toxic gases by using vinegar instead of cleaners or pesticides both is equally effective in cleaning and getting rid of insects.

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