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You will be so convinced on how well this all natural chemical free solution works on any kind of bee sting once you have seen it work you will continue to use apple cider vinegar as your number one choice of taking the sting out.  No matter how hard we try to stay away from bees, wasps and anything that attracts them such as flowers and pollen, someone always manages to get stung at least once in the summer.  The children getting stung is among the worse since all the crying and tears happen right along with the stinging.  Get your child relief quick and easy with out any chance of a chemical reaction.

Using a cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar quickly place the cotton ball onto the area that had been stung for fast relief.  Tape the apple cider vinegar soaked cotton ball to the area so it will stay in place for longer so your child will feel relief in no time at all.  After your child is pain free remove the cotton ball and check the site for any stingers that just might have been left behind which will need removed promptly to get complete relief from pain.  The apple cider vinegar will work like a dream along with a few kisses to make it fell better from mom or dad, you child will be out running around before you know it.

Why choose an expensive pain reliever with chemicals that could cause side effects when you could stock up on and use apple cider vinegar, which is an all natural and chemical free so there is no chance of chemical side effects.  Apple cider vinegar is also much less expensive than the store bought pain relievers costs and both is equally as effective in relieving pain and the sting that comes along with a bee sting.  Keep a bottle of apple cider vinegar in your first aid kit for a fast relief to bee or wasp stings.  By lots of apple cider vinegar and stay stocked up!

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