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Getting stung by a bee or wasp is no fun and can hurt for what seems like hours at a time.  A bee or wasp could end up having a whole room dancing in fear of getting stung.  Just the thought of getting stung can have you swatting a bee or wasp.

After all the swatting and dancing around if you or some one you know still ends up getting stung by a bee, wasp or any other such insect try taking the sting out with apple cider vinegar which will relieve the stinging fast and effectively without any harsh chemicals.  The use of apple cider vinegar is used widely around the world for cooking, beauty and also for first aide.  All you have to do is take hold of a cotton ball and dampen it with apple cider vinegar and then hold it on the spot that was stung.  Keep holding this cotton ball in place until the stinging goes away.  You could also attempt to keep the cotton ball in place by taping the cotton on the affective area, which had been stung, with bandage tape to hold it in place until the stinging subsides.

After the stinging has subsided you can remove the tape and cotton ball which both can be discarded.  After disposing of the cotton ball and tape be sure to remove the stinger of the bee from the spot in which you had been stung.  After removing any stinger that might have been left behind from the bee you should also get some relief.

Be sure to include cotton balls and a small bottle of cider vinegar in your first aid kit.  Having cotton balls and apple cider vinegar on hand in your first aid kit will leave you prepared for any bee or wasp sting.  Included in you first aid kit should also be bandage tape to hold the cotton balls in place until the sting has gone away.

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