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If you are sensitive to the sun and seem to burn rather easily instead of tanning try using this inexpensive way of tanning instead of burning.  By applying vinegar before entering into the sun you will be more likely to tan rather than burning.  So if you desire a beautiful tan instead of looking like a lobster rub some vinegar all over.

So since the summer season is upon us and the desire to be outside more is with us keep a few bottles of vinegar on hand.  Since vinegar is less expensive than other soothing lotions and both work just the same without the same expensive cost.  It just makes more sense to purchase and use vinegar rather than expensive creams and lotions since vinegar can be used as a sunburn and burn soother as well as preventing sunburns before they even happen. 

Remember the next time that you’ve stayed out in the sun too long and ended up with a sunburn try using vinegar on it to help the hurt and take the sting out.  It does seem unbelievable that something so cheap and inexpensive can work so efficiently at taking the sting out but it does.  The same goes for slight burns.  Many small burns can be so painful such as the ones that you get with a curling iron, oven, grill or other such appliances.  These are the kinds of burns that seem to hurt and sting.  You can also alleviate the pain and sting that is caused by these kinds of burns.  Having vinegar on hand is almost a must in any household first aid kit since it could be so helpful and very inexpensive compared to the cost of many leading first aid items.  Since your skin will be with you for a long time take good care of it and keep it looking young and healthy.

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