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Now that summer is here you will find yourself and other family members enjoying the fresh outdoors.  Along with the fresh outdoors come the warm air and also the sun.  Although we all love to see the sun and feel it�s warmth we don�t like the feel of our skin after being in the sun all day without the proper skin protection.  Sunburn can be very dangerous and unhealthy to our skin.  You should always protect your skin with sun block before going out in the sun but sometimes it�s unavoidable and sunburn seems to happen with out fault.  If you ever had a sun burn than your sure to know how painful it can be.

You can relieve the pain by using a very inexpensive household item that you probable have right in your own pantry.  For just pennies you can relieve the pain that comes along with sunburn.  Apply white vinegar to the sunburned area and feel relief in no time at all.  Simply splash the white vinegar to the sunburn and feel the cooling sensation.  I found that refrigerating the white vinegar prior to using would give you a very cool sensation causing instant relief from the sting that is caused by sunburn. 

Much like the stinging sensation you get with sunburn you get with any burn.  Have you ever been using a curling iron and burnt your forehead or neck or maybe been baking and burnt your arm when taking out the cookie tray?  I hate when this happens but being burnt is something that seems to happen when you are around ovens or fires for any length of time.  Being burnt is by all means no fun and very painful.  If you have been a victim of a mild burn then you can relieve the pain much like the way you would take the sting out of sunburn.  By using a splash of white vinegar you will relieve the sting and the pain.  Splash the burn with the vinegar as needed until the sting has subsided.

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