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Use vinegar to rinse out your pets water containers.  It will keep the goop from building up in the containers.  Add some vinegar to your chickenís water in the winter to keep them laying better and staying healthy.  Vinegar in horse feed also can help with mobility and breathing problems.

One half cup of vinegar to a quart of water sprayed onto the coat of a horse or dog works like a vinegar hair rinse.  Their coats will gleam and will shine for less money.

In a spray bottle mix up a vinegar and water solution.  The next time that your dog or cat misbehaves spray them with the mixture.  They will mind instantly and will remember the incident the next time he wants to misbehave. 

Pour some vinegar around your childís sandbox outside and it will keep the stray cats from using it as a litter box. 

Vinegar is also the best way to get rid of that nasty skunk smell if one has sprayed your pet.  Just give them a bath in vinegar and they will smell better in no time.

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