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There are many uses for vinegar when it comes to your pets.  There are many things that you can replace vinegar with, still get the same great results, and sometimes even better ones.

White vinegar is the best cleaner for rabbit litter boxes.  If it is used each time the litter box is changed, it keeps the litter boxes like new.  If there is already a buildup of dried urine in the box, scrubbing with vinegar will get rid of it.  To eliminate cat littler odors, when you clean the litter box, rinse it our and pour about � inch of white vinegar in the box.  Let it stand for twenty minutes or so then rinse it out with cold water.  Dry the box well.  The acid in the vinegar neutralizes the ammonia smell.

You can use vinegar to clean the mineral deposits that accumulate at the top of your fish aquarium.  Take a hand towel and soak it in vinegar.  Simply wipe around the inside of the tank where the water has evaporated and left the white mineral deposits.  You should not have to scrub and you can also clean you aquarium ornaments.  It is harmless to the fish. 

You can use vinegar for fleas on puppies that are too young for regular flea products.  Straight white vinegar applied with a cotton ball, keep from their nose and eyes.  Try to warm it a bit first, the puppies will not mind the smell and their coats will be so soft.  You can also add a few drops of vinegar to your dog or cats water to keep fleas away. 
If your dog gets to smell bad in the summer time, add some vinegar to their bath water to get rid of the bad smells. 

Put a few drops of vinegar in your dogs water and it will not have any more brown spots caused by their urine anymore.  This will also help get rid of any dark tearstains under your dogs tear duct area.  The tearstains are caused by the acidity in the dogs system and if neutralized in his system, the stains will go away.  Vinegar will help with that. 

Mix in a spray bottle some water and vinegar.  This will make the best way to keep flies away from horses or other pets.  This will save you a lot of money on terrible chemicals.  You can also spray this around areas where you pets stay outside or in horse barns.  It will keep the flies away for sure.

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