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The vinegar that you’ve produced and bottled should be stored for at least six months before using.  It doesn’t hurt to use the vinegar right away but it would have a smoother texture if you wait several months in order to use the vinegar.

The process of making vinegar will take anywhere from one to ten weeks.  The process of making vinegar includes pressing fresh fruit, fermented and cleaned to take the dead yeast away.  After freeing the bacteria from the vinegar you could sell your freshly produced vinegar to supplement your income but when you see the list of uses for vinegar you just might decide to keep all of it for yourself. 

Once the vinegar is done you will need to bottle it up.  Simply place the vinegar into small bottles and store.  The number of bottles that you will need will greatly depend on the size of bottles that you choose to store your vinegar in and also the amount of vinegar you produce.

Fruit vinegar is made up of fresh fruits such as apples, which are the most commonly used.  Other fruit may also be used such as grapes, peaches, or berries just to name a few.  The steps to produce vinegar are also the steps that you follow to make wine.  The first fermentation is the production of wine and the second fermentation is when vinegar is produced.

So grab the needed materials such as a container (glass or stainless steel), fresh fruit juice (including the frozen fruit juice if desired), the starter culture (a bottle of unfiltered and unpasteurized vinegar), a dark area (or paint the container with a dark color or cover with a dark cloth) and a warm temperature area (an area is needed that doesn’t fluctuate in degree levels since a cold area would slow the fermentation process down). 

Have fun creating fine quality vinegar.  Get your children involved for some family fun time.  While making vinegar you will also be making memories that will last for years to follow.  So have fun and create good quality vinegar to use for many useful household-cleaning tips, beauty and health tips to produce vinegar.

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