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Vinegar is so easy and fun to create.  With the next few steps you can have the best vinegar around.  After producing just one batch you will find many uses which could include the following: a weight loss supplement, beauty and health aid, cleaning agent and the list goes on.  After you produce your own vinegar you will have many uses for it so you�ll find yourself making batch after batch.

After gathering the container needed, fresh fruit juice, a starter culture, a warm and dark area needed to process your vinegar than you are ready to start.

First you will need to pour about one quart of the starter into the container.  The starter could be a bottle of unfiltered and unpasteurized vinegar purchased at the store. 

Next you will need to pour about one quart of the fresh fruit juice.  You may also use frozen juice but your vinegar will not be of high quality, as you would have if you use sweet ripe fresh fruit.  Pour this quart of fruit juice into the container along with the starter culture.

After mixing the starter culture and fresh fruit juice together into the container you will need to place this mix in a warm place.  The temperature should not fluctuate up and down.  The cooler the temperature the longer the mixture will take to process into great vinegar.

Along with a warm area you will need select a dark area.  This area that you select should have very limited light since the light will slow the production or may even kill the culture altogether.

You will need to keep checking your vinegar by sampling it until it reaches the strength you like.  If the vinegar starts to lose strength than your vinegar is done.  Each time you make a batch of vinegar you will get better at knowing the different strengths and how strong you really desire your vinegar to be.

After the vinegar process is complete than filter the vinegar with a coffee filter.

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