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Gather some fresh fruit.  With a juicer and fresh fruit you will need to obtain fruit juice.  You may also use frozen type fruit juice it will work but stay away from bottled juice, which may not turn into vinegar since the manufacturer adds chemicals to prevent this change from occurring.  Keep in mind that the better the fruits you use the better the vinegar will be.  So using fresh ripe fruits instead of frozen fruits you will get vinegar that is of better quality.

You need to get the bacteria, which makes the vinegar.  You can go through the long process of getting a “mother” but a more convenient way is to purchase a bottle of unfiltered and unpasteurized vinegar.  The vinegar culture will prevent other molds and bacteria from forming until the vinegar bacteria take a firm control on the juice.

Find a dark place.  You will need to find a dark place in which to produce your vinegar.  Light will slow down the production of vinegar or even kill your culture altogether.  If you’re having a hard time finding a dark place in your house to produce your vinegar than you can do a few other things.  First you can paint the container or jar a dark color and second you can cover up the jar or container will a dark towel or cover.

You’ll need to have a warm spot.  You’ll need to have a place to produce your vinegar that is warm.  If you are comfortable with the temperature than it’s probably a good temperature for your culture to grow.  The temperature should be kept at a set degree.  The cooler the temperature the slower your vinegar will be produced.  So select a dark and warm spot for your vinegar production.

Now that you have the container, fresh fruit juice, a warm and dark area along with the other items needed to produce the best quality vinegar around you are now ready to start.  Fine vinegar is just around the corner.  If you are ready to produce an easy but good quality vinegar that’s better than any that you could buy in the store move on to learn how to make the best vinegar.

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