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Many things in this world taste so much better homemade rather than buying from the store.  The same is true about homemade vinegar.  Making your vinegar at home will give you a good tasting and high quality vinegar.  Making homemade vinegar is rather simple and fun to produce.

The most popular vinegar used is apple vinegar although other fruits can be used to produce vinegar.  Using other fruits to produce vinegar would create white or red wine vinegar.  Vinegar could be produced from almost anything that contains sugar or starch. With the help of natural bacteria the sugar converts into alcohol, which creates an acid that turns into vinegar.

The making of vinegar and its healing wonders has been around since ancient times.  In ancient times, as well as toady, vinegar was used to prepare food and beverages.  The uses of vinegar are endless so you�ll need to be sure to produce good vinegar.

Good vinegar is produced in a reliable and consistent manner.  On the other hand vinegar that has an acetaldehyde taste and the smell of thinner is bad vinegar and is not wanted when trying to produce good and high quality vinegar.  The happening of acetaldehyde shows that the vinegar is not ready and also shows if the conversion from alcohol to vinegar has occurred.

To make great tasting vinegar follow these simple steps:

First Gather The Needed Items

You will need a container.  Keep in mind these suggestions when gathering a container.  A container with a spout is quite useful but not necessary.  Your container needs to have a way to let air in as well as keeping vinegar flies out (unwanted vinegar flies will try to help you produce your vinegar).  A glass or stainless steel container is among the best choices.  Do not use an aluminum or iron container.  You may use a plastic container although the vinegar may react to the plastic so unless absolutely necessary shy away from using a plastic container.  Remember that air is an important part to making vinegar.

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