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Although babies are so cute and cuddly most the time while other times their clothes has much to be desired.  The sour smell in their clothes could be permanent even after several washings.  Even though you have washed these clothes numerous amounts of time try washing these clothes in vinegar.  Using one cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle will make these clothes so fresh and odor free that your baby will always smell clean.

To remove stains such as mustard, jams or fruit gently rub straight vinegar unto the spot.  Let it set for a few minutes then wash it as normal. When you take it out of the washer you will see a stain free shirt unlike the one you originally stuck in the washer.  Saving you money on purchasing a new one.

Did your laundry detergent make too much suds?  Simply by adding one cup of vinegar to the wash cycle you can cut done on the amount over suds that your laundry detergent has made.  This tip is a great tip to keep in mind since a large amount of suds could cause a large amount of damage if it does not get under control.

Periodically clean your washer machine by pouring one cup of vinegar into the machine and letting it run a regular cycle with out adding any clothes.  Cleaning your washing machine on a regular basis will remove any soap residue that has been building up and also helps get rid of any musty odor smells that is lingering around in your machine.  Cleaning out your washing machine is like putting it through routine maintenance since it not only removes the build up of soap scum but also keep the washing machine rust free which is a good idea to get the most use out of your machine and in the end you will get the most out of your money.

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